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The Hook & Co

Custom Connections for Creative Minds

The HOOK bases its business on networking and creating business referrals for artist/musicians. We save you time & effort so you can focus on your craft. We'll get you HOOK'd on making your business work for you!

General Inquiries:

At The HOOK and Company, we believe that music is more felt than heard.  It can move you into many different emotional states; carry you forward on a busy day or bring you back to a place long forgotten. Music literally breathes life into our lungs and pores, circulating into our arteries and finds its way to the beating heart, where the spirit of The Hook and Company is found.

It's not always easy starting out. Whether you're a business, entertainer or want to be in the entertainment industry, finding the connections you need to move you forward can be tedious, time consuming and cause a lot of trial and error. This is where The HOOK specializes in going that extra mile to find all viable networks and connections to get you started or keep you going. The world is getting more and more connected every day. Why not take advantage of that?!  We're excited to be the one-stop-shop for all your needs based on your budget, service location, genre and any special requirements you might have. Aligning you with businesses, and services, that match your specific criteria makes for a great pairing. And just like that, you have the "hook up" you've been waiting for!

Supporting and promoting talent is our pride and joy. We know the industry is tough enough once you’re in, or starting out, but this is why we build bridges that will allow businesses and artists to spread their wings and showcase their talents outside of their hometown. Whether it's helping to build your portfolio or gain the exposure you need on social media, this is the place where “you’ll get HOOK'd!” on getting the results.



To build a strong network of professionally talented individuals, that are passionate about their craft, and sustain it with integrity; creating a localized "hub" that services everything an artist/musician/entertainer needs based on their goals, intent and budget.


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The Hook Entertainment

Entertainment Consulting/Coordination

Quality entertainers are never hard to find at The HOOK Ent. We have access to a diverse selection of performers to suit any need or event. We'll HOOK you up with the right talent or consultant to make your event a SUCCESS!


Kids Can Too

Children are the future and at The HOOK JR. we aim to nurture their creativity to it's fullest! Find out how your child can showcase their talents with the world just by HOOK'ing up with JR!

The Hook Jr.

Can we HOOK you up?

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Chaendra V. Gittens

Chaendra V. Gittens

"From my first promotional video to multiple strategic conversations, I never felt alone in my journey to improve and enhance my presence in the entertainment/fashion industry. They are honest and knowledgeable in their fields and did not rest until they knew that I was comfortable every step of the way!" - Chaendra V. Gittens Fashion Stylist/ Personal Shopper

Maizy F

Maizy F

"If you are anything like me, asking for help is one of the hardest things to do. However Michelle from the Hook & Co definitely made me feel comfortable in doing so. The team helped me with organizing my ideas, guided me through the planning process aswell as provided me with much needed services. The whole team made my vision their vision. A ton of weight was lifted off my shoulders thanks to The Hook & Co." - Maizy F. Artist/Producer

Viktoryia Urukova

Viktoryia Urukova

I was really tight on time and budget and thought my chances of finding the perfect musician were slim. The Hook & Co came to my mind immediately when I was thinking of who could help me find the right musician. They have a level of professionalism and genuine care that is beyond any expectations. They listened to exactly what I was looking for and I was amazed at how perfectly they were able to connect me with the right musician so quickly and fit my budget. -Viktoryia Urukova Graphic Designer

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