Tho HOOK & Company

Michelle Allman-Esdaille is the proud owner of The Hook & Company, a Toronto based referral and resource support system created specifically for musicians and music artists. Her goal has been to thoroughly and systematically connect service providers and resources in the music industry directly to music artists from anywhere in the world and has been doing so over the last 5 years. As the roster continues to grow, Michelle has become a leader in building strategies and networks simultaneously to better manage volume, time and financial constraints. Her vision applies for both businesses and musicians alike from a global perspective, serving her birth country of Canada first. She has had the privilege of working with 4x JUNO nominated singer-songwriter, Ammoye, the City of Orillia, and many more within these 5 years. Additionally The HOOK also offers artist management, consulting, career planning, grant writing/coaching and industry webinar workshops. 


Michelle is an alumni of the Canada's Music Incubator's Artist Manager Program. With this, she brings a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and organizational skills. She has been called upon in several occasions to share her expertise as a delegate for industry based conferences nationally.


Outside of that, Michelle is a level II Reiki practitioner and author of a collaborative anthology book entitled "You Have So Much Potential - Inspiring Generation Healing & Transformation" with 29 other doctors and practitioners. Michelle directly uses her positive energy and outlook on life to bring into all her conversations and consultations. Her goal is to "be the light" in this dark industry where mental health is a primary focus while fueling musical gifts. Affecting artist in the area of mindset is her first go to because mindset supports skill set and skill set, sets you a part.