The HOOK Entertainment

Kerry-Ann (aka Miss Kerr) is not just another pretty face, but a force to be reckoned with. Born in Mandeville, Jamaica, Kerry-ann has grown into a very multi-talented and energetic individual. She is a professional dancer trained in various dance styles and an independent model, voice talent, serial entrepreneur, event host and talent coordinator.


Miss Kerr grew up with a passion for performing, spending majority of her time dancing professionally with two dance companies and teaching youth in a couple of community studios in the Toronto GTA. Her involvement in the industry allowed her to make important connections and become well known within the community and beyond.


Outside of performing, Miss Kerr takes pride in her ability to help others reach their potential. It is her dream to extend her reach worldwide to help entertainers everywhere get a little bit further in their artistic journey. She has a keen eye for detail and pulling things out of others they never knew they had within them. She truly believes that all it takes is some inspiration, a dash of motivation, hard work and a sprinkle of belief to make the perfect recipe for success.


Miss Kerr's independent nature has driven her to consistently push herself to establish her various businesses & pay it forward by showing others how to do the same. Before making the jump to becoming an entrepreneur, Kerry-Ann worked over 8 years in management for various businesses. She's not a stranger to hardwork and getting the job done right; and when it comes to peoples dreams, there's no time for jokes.


Her extensive and diverse network makes connecting others second nature for her. With a persistent spirit, she loves to push the boundaries in everything she does. She constantly challenges herself to go beyond what's expected to create dynamic results that leave people craving more. She takes pride in working with like minded people to execute projects with quality and professionalism, which is why it made so much sense linking arms with the The HOOK.


Kerry-Ann's passion for the arts runs deep and plays an integral part of her life. Driven by the will to express her creative ambition, Kerry-Ann works hard to showcase her talents wherever possible and inspire others to do the same. After all, they say you are the company you keep.